Incorporations in Google Maps

Google Maps front end to OpenCorporates

The open data community often talks about how open government programmes let volunteer developers and civil society funded projects help end users such as citizens, taxpayers and voters but the largest end users of open data are typically governments, financial services companies, international charities and even gambling companies.

Chris Taggart was a speaker at a British Computer Society Isle of Man open data unconference in early 2011.

I originally configured a map in late 2011 to help less digital end users at the Isle of Man Government in Income Tax, economic development, foreign aid and regulators leverage other government open data as an opportunity to demonstrate value and to build momentum on an open government programme.  It helped visualise incorporations to non-technical end users and helped end users without English to access the data:


Corporate Register: Isle of Man

With previous expertise as a legal compliance officer in an offshore companies registry and as a group IT manager in global wealth managers and, prompted by email threads with Chris Taggart, James McKinney and others, I realised that Incorporations League Tables could visualise expertise by SIC code and year on year market share trends but it also surfaced issues such as free text registered office addresses, free text officer names, aged shelf companies, excessive directorships and client dumping in SAR frameworks:

Incorporations League Table

Incorporations League Table: Isle of Man

I recently noted 31 extra jurisdictions since early 2015 and updated the map:

  • Australia
  • Bahamas
  • Belgium
  • Canada: New Brunswick
  • Canada: Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Cyprus
  • Hong Kong
  • Latvia
  • Myanmar
  • Tajikistan
  • Uganda
  • USA: Alabama
  • USA: Arkansas
  • USA: Colorado
  • USA: Delaware
  • USA: Hawaii
  • USA: Indiana
  • USA: Kansas
  • USA: Kentucky
  • USA: Minnesota
  • USA: Nebraska
  • USA: Nevada
  • USA: New Hampshire
  • USA: New York
  • USA: North Carolina
  • USA: North Dakota
  • USA: South Carolina
  • USA: Utah
  • USA: Virginia
  • USA: Wisconsin
  • Viet Nam

Is there a prioritised list of extra jurisdictions and is it reshaped by events such as #PanamaPapers or just limited by volunteer efforts?



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