first bitcoin payment into a national government bank account

I received a bill from the NHS dentist but it didn’t have routing details for online banking.  I contacted the NHS dentist reception and they explained that they do not offer the option to pay online.  Mmmm.  Next I contacted the department accounts team and they did not have any routing details but they referred me to the centralised payments section.  I confirmed sub bank account routing details and agreed to forward an email confirmation with a payment reference.  The reason online payments are not encouraged is that they are processed and reconciled manually.  So, the inbound payment from “Cryptopay Limited” was not reversed, lol, and I added a bitcoin milestone to the list:

I have more milestones in the pipeline, of course! ;O)

The minimum days and focus on meaningful Continued Professional Development in the UK Civil Service increases on 01/04/2015 so the next step in the UK national government could be to register and control bitcoin addresses (or another perhaps less contentious crypto currency such as Dogecoin) for one or more exemplar services to build up expertise in crypto currency and underlying technology such as blockchain.

The Isle of Man is well established as a proof of concept accelerator and the UK is a leading financial services centre so ideally leverage the strengths of both jurisdictions with a faster parliament and a bigger regulator so that British companies are world class.  The crypto community is a joined up growth policy, lol.

Graeme Jones



open data | open government | open banking


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